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So, after many hours of work, the only bit of the site that is not fully operational is the Register/Login/Members area - Which is why it is currently removed from the header bar!! It is not too far from being released - we are in final checks and testing. However, this was only one of circa 20 sites that have needed remedial actions so if you find anything that does not seem to be working (properly) please email the webmaster.

This site is for those personnel who over the years have served in, or with, the units based at Ayios Nikolaos (4 Mile Point) in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area of Cyprus. This includes members of civilian wing, all support staff, dependants and those infantry and cavalry units that completed 3-6 month tours.

If you have any photographs, anecdotes, or other information you feel will be of benefit, or if you wish to assist with the build please contact the webmaster.