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Some of you will be aware that we were hit by the WTF Ransomware Virus.  We have managed to check, repair and test some of the site so have decided to make those bits available. Unfortunately, we are still working on the databases and so most of those parts of the site that work from those are not yet available, mainly those pages that require login to view.
The observant among you (there must be some) will see that the login and registration section is still showing. This is a) so that it is available as soon as the databases are repaired and, b) we are too lazy to remove them.  If you want to try and use them - feel free, just don't blame us for anything that happens!!
If you do see anything that appears not to be working email the webmaster. Please bear with us.

This site is for those personnel who over the years have served in, or with, the units based at Ayios Nikolaos (4 Mile Point) in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area of Cyprus. This includes members of civilian wing, all support staff, dependants and those infantry and cavalry units that completed 3-6 month tours.

If you have any photographs, anecdotes, or other information you feel will be of benefit, or if you wish to assist with the build please contact the webmaster.