About Us

This site came about due to a comment over dinner (and a few glasses of wine) one evening.  Those running it have all served at Ay Nik, some on multiple occasions.  We are all from an Army background so would welcome input and assistance from the other two services as well as any civ wing personnel.  In particular we encourage anyone who can give us anecdotes/information from the perspective of those infantry and cavalry units who provided security of the garrison.

We would like to be contacted by anyone interested in assisting, in creating and updating the site as we, hopefully, aim at a person for each page/area. Currently, if you want to contribute please contact The Webmaster.

As always, in the first instance please contact The Webmaster.

Complaints and Whinges

If you have any complaints concerning this site please contact The Webmaster who will:

  • Take remedial action, or
  • Inform the complainant and pass it on to the controlling committee who will:
    • Review the complaint at their next meeting, and
    • Inform the complainant of their decision, and
    • Post their finding on this site, or
    • Ignore it if it comes from a whinger.

At all times the decision will be final.