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I often receive emails asking for information concerning 'old times'. I normally pass these on to members who I believe can provide the information but have decided to create this page instead which will hopefully relieve some of my workload and also speed up the process.

I will publish emails, as received, and add the requestor's email address so that anyone who feels able can contact them direct. However, to save a growing pile of requests being on the site, will you kindly cc me ( so that I can remove the relevant email once the request for assistance has been suitably responded to.

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Hello, I'm emailing on the off chance you might be able to help me. My dad was in the RAF as a linguist and did 2 tours of Cyprus when I was child, unfortunately my dad died in November 2014. I don't remember the 1st tour but I do vaguely remember the second tour which was from roughly from 1964 to 1967. My dads name is Edward Cunningham and we lived at 4 mile point, I remember Jean and Ken Hutchinson, and a family called the waddingtons. I was hoping somebody would know and it's a long shot, but I'm hoping to go back to Cyprus to revisit where I lived and if anybody new the address we lived at and the name of the school we might of attended at that time. I would be grateful for any information that might help. Yours faithfully Lindsey Cunningham

My name is Jarlath Rickward, my dad was in the RAF and worked at 3 sqn 9 Sigs Regt in Ay Nik. We were posted out there 1980-1983 and again 1984-1987. I went to KRS school. I'm trying to find the daughter of the sqn leader who was in charge of 3 Sqn 9 Sig at the time around 1986. I did ask my dad and he has forgotten the sqn leaders name. and I can't remember his daughter's surname. Her first name was Nikki and her brother was Guy, but if anyone can help me find out her surname so i could find her again as I've been searching for her since I left Cyprus back in 1987. So hoping the internet can help!
many thanks
jarlath rickward

My father while in the army was based at 4 Mile Point during the mid 60s. I am trying to find any photos of the army quarters that backed onto what we as children called the Waddy, which we had to walk along to get to school. Our ages at the time ranged from 5-12.
Would love to hear from anyone who lived in the area, the only names I can recall are Nigel and Peter White and a little girl my age at the time(5)little plum.
My late Dad's regiment was R.A.O.C., his name was Fredrick Wiiiam Deackes and his rank Staff Sergeant. Thank you in advance,
Mrs Grace Dawe nee Deackes