Name Regt/Corps Comments Date

Ken Day Intelligence Corps Ken died of long endured cancer at home 11 August. Ken will have been well known amongst the Sigint fraternity having served at 9th and 13th Signal Regiments, 223 Signal Squadron and 4 Communications Unit. He took over command of Operation Desert Song in Dhofar, Oman in 1973. On retirement from the army he joined GCHQ from which he subsequently retired only to be recalled for several more years. 11/08/2019

Dave Wilson Intelligence Corps Dave had a couple of tours in 3 Squadron, in the early 70's when he played football and hockey (for Army Cyprus), and was a keen rally driver. His second was in the early 80's following his commission. He died at home after a period of illness. 30/09/2018

Dave Smith Intelligence Corps Dave last served in Ay Nik 1978-81 where in addition to normal duties he ran the cinema. 25/01/2017

Tony Reynolds Pioneer Corps Tony served in 1 Squadron during the late 70s/early 80s, mainly based at the Guardroom. He was a Regimental footballer. 12/12/2016

Peter Kenyon Mountford Intelligence Corps Pete last served in 3 Squadron in 1975. He was an active sportsman who will probably best be remembered for hockey, at which he represented Army (Cyprus). 13/03/2016

Ronald Lee Royal Air Force Ron served at Ay Nik during the 1960's. He died in Poole, Dorset at the age of 95. 01/03/2016

Geoff (Brummie) Andrews Royal Signals Geoff served in 2 Squadron 1966-1969. He was living in Rhyl, North Wales and died suddenly. 25/10/2014

John (Paddy) Graham Resident in Palmeston North, New Zealand. Served at 9th Signals Regiment Sept 1964 to Sept 1967. 17/05/2013

Dave Garrod Dave was a member of 3 Squadron mid-60s until early 70s. 07/12/2011

Rich Angrove Royal Signals He was a very keen rugby player and in 2006 he was the rugby officer at Ay Nik. 07/10/2011

Keith Mooney Royal Signals Served at Ay Nik 1967-70. Died in Spain where he had lived for several years. 21/03/2011

Simon Williams Intelligence Corps Had lived in Spain until his death 21/09/2010

Robert Hamish Smith (aka Sam) Royal Signals Served in 2 Squadron 1965-68. Resident in Gloucester at the time of his death. 15/08/2010

John Lovatt Intelligence Corps Ex OC 3 Squadron. 10/09/2009

Derek Poyser Intelligence Corps Ex Army gymnast. 31/08/2009

Barry Keen Royal Signals Killed by a mortar attack in Afghanistan on Friday 27 July 2007. Served on 3 Squadron in 1996 27/08/2007

David Richard Thomas 9th Signals Civilian Wing David did several tours at Aya Nic as a Civilian and had one final tour in 1969 but sadly he was sent back to Millbank Hospital as he had cancer and died in Cheltenham in January 1971. He was a POW and was from S Wales. 10/01/1971