Joint Service Signals UnitDetails required

1 Squadron, 9th Signal Regiment The 'administration' squadron which consisted of personnel from RHQ, Commcen, Technicians, MT, Stores, Training Wing, Guard staff, Gym staff, etc.  Their offices were by RHQ.

2 Squadron, 9th Signal Regiment The operator's squadron consisting of Royal Signals 'Spec Ops' and their RAF equivalents.  The largest sub-unit on Ayios Nikolaos, they dominated the major sports teams and competitions.  The Squadron was made up of 4 troops, A-D who worked a 24hr 365 day shift pattern that normally consisted of 2 working days, a sleep day and a day off.  Their SHQ was located within the Tech Block.

3 Squadron, 9th Signal Regiment This squadron was predominately Intelligence Corps, complimented by personnel from the Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force.  There were also a few civilian wing personnel who, although administered by Civ Wing,  worked with this squadron.  The personnel were a mixture of shift workers and day workers.  Most of the serving females on Regimental strength belonged to this Squadron and they had their own Officer Commanding, although all other administration was performed by the SHQ which was located within the Tech Block.

33 Signals UnitDetails required

Civilian Wing, 9th Signal Regiment There was a large UK based civilian component who had their own administrative staff, located within the Tech Block.  Most of the civilian personnel worked shift on a similar pattern to the 2 Squadron operators.

Medical & Dental Centres Located within the 33SU complex, the Medical & Dental centres were staffed by personnel seconded from BMH/MRS Dhekelia.

Fire Station The fire station was situated between the Regiment and 33SU and was staffed by Cypriots, commanded by a UK fire officer.